These are my ongoing projects.


The inter-generational effects of forced displacement. With Elias Dinas, Dominik Hangartner, Maarit Olkkola, and Matti Sarvimäki

This project investigates how the family history of forced displacement affects policy preferences in three generations. The case studied is the evacuation of Finnish inhabitants if Karelia, a region annexed by the Soviet Union after WWII.

How local economic gains affect preferences for asylum seekers’ right to work. With Spyros Kosmidis.

This project investigates with a survey experiment how people’s willingness to grant a right to work to asylum seekers is shaped by the perceived economic contributions of asylum seekers in the UK.

How experiences of asylum seekers differ in rural and urban areas.

This project investigates how natives’ personal experiences of asylum seekers are affected by where they live. I use block-randomization to investigate experiences and attitudes to asylum seekers in rural and urban areas that respectively received or did not receive asylum seekers in 2015. 

This work received extensive coverage in the largest Finnish Daily Helsingin Sanomat.

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